Monique Yim (HK)

Alle Festivals, Body and Freedom 2018 Performances

Photo ©, Body and Freedom Festival 2018

Monique Yim (*1984), born in Hongkong, is an interdisciplinary artist, art educator and independent curator, mainly works on performance, installation, site-specific, community and public art. She has started working as an independent artist during the Queen’s Pier and Star Ferry Pier Conservation Art Action. During the years, she curated or participated in over a hundred of local or overseas performance art, visual art, cross media art exhibitions, projects or artist in residence programmes. Yim was mainly doing cultural, social and political related works in public spaces and social movements. More than social issues, she also worked on self-contemplation and existentialism, to present her thinking and reflection on life, existence, freedom, sadness, pain, gender, love, etc. Across various kinds of art media and work she presented, the public are more familiar with her social political (public) performance art and queer performance art.

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